Saturday, March 18, 2017

Cozy Saturday (feat. hot chocolate, thunderstorms, and long conversations)

Our group left La Plata Hall at 8am this morning--bright and early--to depart on our magical adventure to Topsail Island. We made our way through plenty of traffic, pouring rain, and country backroads to arrive at our destination. While the car rides were long, they were definitely interesting! One car discussed their preferences and love for various types of cheeses, while another car screamed in delight while watching a calf run across a wide, open field. Fun fact: one of our vans had only been driven for 306 miles by the time we had to stop for gas (this may be the newest car we'll ever drive)! When we arrived at the house, we unloaded the enormous weight on our vans, and settled in to our lovely house for the week. We're right on the beach, much to the delight of all of our participants! While Zabrina, Nick, and Juhye made a quick grocery run, Nicole and Katie cooked a very large portion of pasta, accompanied by meatballs, pasta sauce, and a healthy salad. Then we ate our first big meal as a family <3.

After everything was cleaned up, we all sat down for our first reflection of Terps Helping Turtles 2017! We started by reviewing the day and discussed our excitement about tomorrow, especially about meeting the legendary Jean Beasley. Additionally, we got to know each other better through various activities and talked about the importance of vulnerability on this trip. According to C.S. Lewis, "To love at all is to be vulnerable." We had a dynamic discussion about how we grow the most when we open ourselves up to people and are able to be our true selves. Finally we finished with a journaling session, to the tune of a beach thunderstorm! Everyone is excited to see the turtles tomorrow, so stay tuned!

We are introducing a new segment to our blog: Guess the participant! Each day we will be highlighting a memorable quote from one of our participants. Can you guess who this was?
"I want that pirate's booty!"

Our participants are already hard at work!

A lovely artsy picture, created by Nicole and Katie.

A faint rainbow in the background, after a ton of heavy rain.

Our backyard view!

Dinner cooked by Katie and Nicole.
A video of the beach, taken by Zabrina. Pretend you're here with us!

Signing off for now! Until tomorrow...
-Katie & Nicole

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  1. Love the hot cocoa and notebooks, and the guess the participant feature!! You all are awesome!!