Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Juju on that beat

Hi there, I'm Juhye Kang! I'm a junior Physiology and Neurobiology major on the Pre-med track. I'm from Germantown, MD (part of MoCo the best Co. Not biased). My favorite animal is an elephant, but my friends describe me as a sparrow and thus I've grown to like those too. I love the simple pleasures in life: food, friends and family, and anything involving a combo of those three! Having the chance to see new places and try new foods with the people I love is all I could ever ask for. Nonetheless I am quite the introvert, and I love being able to sit on my own and watch the sun rise with a nice muffin in hand. I am so excited to learn about all the sea turtles in Topsail and bond with everyone going on the trip this year! Can't wait to spend a week with all you lovely people and I'm sure we'll have a fabulous time :)

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